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Resume Services and Prices

Resume prices vary depending on the writing services required, length of resume, and other add-on services requested by customers (see all services and products listed below)

We always offer a Free Consultation!

Job Search Products/Services
(Listed Below):

  • Resume Preparation
  • Biography
  • Text Formatted Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • References
  • Salary History
  • Recruiter Letter
  • Follow-Up Letter
  • Resume Built/Posted on Internet
For payment, we accept all major credit cards including the following:

* Visa
* MasterCard
* American Express
* Discover


A Great Resume will
Help You Stand Out
From the Crowd!

be unique, dont use resume templates!


Contact Information:

Bob Prock
Professional Resume Writer
(for over 20 years)
(A Division of A "Preferred" Career & Resume Service)
Local Telephone: (864) 292-5288
Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-350-0993
Fax: (864) 292-5215
E-Mail: expertresume@yahoo.Com

(Serving Clients Locally and Nationwide
Since 1988)


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Explanation of Resume Services & Products:

Professional Resume:
A Resume tells "your story" using key words and expert formatting to grab attention, gain you more interviews, and sell your strengths, skills, abilities and accomplishments. Whether you make $50,000, $500,000 or millions in salary, we know how to make you look your best.

Cover Letter:
A professionally prepared Cover Letter is not only proper etiquette, it offers another opportunity to gain the interest of your potential new employer. With a professional cover letter you significantly increase your chances of landing the interview.

Follow-Up Letter:
This is a letter sent to a potential employer 10 days after sending your resume, when you receive no response back. It tells them you are still interested and shows your follow-up skills (perseverance is what wins jobs).

Recruiter Letter:
Used as a Cover Letter when submitting your resume to recruiters. For jobs that pay $50,000 + annually, recruiters can be very helpful.

Be prepared when the prospective employer asks your for a list of references (usually 3-5 names with contact information).

Salary History:
You may be asked for this document that lists your job titles, company names and highest salary for each position.

Internet Resume:
We build/post your resume on a popular Internet job board, providing you with greater visibility to potential employers, thereby increasing your employment opportunities.

Text Formatted Resume:
Used on the Internet when you are asked to copy and paste a resume into an e-mail message block, and for posting on the Internet.

Why include a Biography with your resume? It provides the prospective employer with a more personalized view of your life and background, and works well in tandem with a complex, professional resume that communicates your in-depth work history, skills, strengths and abilities.


Testimonial from a Management Client:

"I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me as a "Career Consultant" and "Resume Writer," answering my questions about job prospecting, interviewing, salary negotiation and what to wear to interviews. I felt silly asking so many questions (I hadn't looked for a job in 15 years). You made me feel at ease and your answers were so helpful. I start my new management job in 2 weeks! The resume you wrote for me got me the interview."

Sally M.

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