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Interview and Job Search Tips
for an effective job search


Job Search:

  • Landing a good job takes commitment on your part (hard work).
  • Principles for Job Search Success: Don't be discouraged by setbacks; be patient and persevere; develop and maintain a positive attitude; associate with positive and successful people; set goals; plan your search; get organized; get busy.
  • Effective Job Search Campaigns Include: Professionally prepared "resume" (using bolding, special formatting, key buzz words, etc.) on colored paper; a white copy of a resume for faxing purposes; an "Internet Resume" posted on popular job boards; a "Text-Formatted resume" for copying and pasting on the Internet; a Microsoft Word version of your resume to attach to e-mails; Cover Letter; Follow-Up Letter; Thank-You Letter; Reference List; Recruiter Letter; Salary History.


  • Interviewing Mistakes: Arrogance; too timid (no enthusiasm); poor personal appearance; trying to hide things; criticism of past employers; not answering questions directly; poor communication skills; poor listening skills; no eye contact; smoking during interview; gum chewing during interview; overpowering or too aggressive; lack of preparation.
  • Hot Tip: "Being Likable." If you are interviewing for a position that is competitive (where two or more are competing against you for the same position), surveys indicate the individual that gets the edge is the one that is most liked (not necessarily the most qualified). So, be "Likable" in interviews. Smile and establish eye contact.
  • Good Listening Behaviors for Interviews: Focus your attention on the interviewer. Don't let your mind wander. Listen for information (evaluate it later). Nod head affirmatively. Smile often.
  • To Win the Job: Know your past achievements; research the company prior to the interview; relate past experience to the company's needs; focus on what you can do for the employer; answer all questions directly; be prepared to reveal yourself; balance listening with telling your story; boldly state your interest in the position.
  • Try to Read the Personality of the Interviewer: If the interviewer is a Type "A" personality and fires fast rapid-fire questions, try to match the speed of your answers to his speed. If a "laid-back" interviewer talks about his family, glances out the window and talks slowly, answer his questions at the same slow speed. This technique helps an interviewer feel more comfortable. Temper this by "being yourself." You can be too manipulative and over-think.
  • Salary Negotiation Tip: If you are asked the question during an interview, "What would you like to be paid if we hire you for this position?" Best Answer: "I believe I have the skills and abilities to do everything you're looking for, and when it comes to salary, I am more than willing to negotiate. What is your normal range for this position?"
  • First Impressions: When interviewing, first impressions count. 62% of interviewers make a hiring decision in the first 15 minutes of the interview.
  • Re-Read Your Resume Before Interviews: If you re-read your resume before interviews, you won't be caught off guard by questions relating to it.
  • Thank-You's: Send thank-you notes after interviews. Only 1 in 300 job seekers send thank-you notes. If you do this, you will significantly increase your chances.

Other Tips:

  • Stress Management Tips If You Have Lost a Job: Recognize stress is a part of life. Practice time management, initiate exercise and nutrition regimen. Cherish life's anchors (religious beliefs, social/family customs and daily routines). Learn and use relaxation techniques. Develop and maintain support systems. Schedule time for yourself.
  • Hot Tip: The average job seeker spends 4 hours a week in his or her search efforts. If you spend 10, 20, 30 or 40 hours per week, think how much you will significantly increase your chances of landing a job quicker.
  • Internet: Best source for finding jobs. Check out Monster.Com, CareerBuilder.Com and Indeed.Com.


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